Steven McGovney


Steven's unique, provocative style has intrigued the likes of Michael Douglas, Bill Clinton, Terence Stamp, James Whitmore, each of which who owns pieces of his collection. McGovney's work is in the Arthur Goldberg Teapot Collection, and has been featured in the Fuller Craft Museum Show.  

Steven McGovney attended Otis Art Institute where he obtained an MFA in Design and Sculpture in 1973.  He has worked in many media, but his most coveted and iconic work is in ceramics.  His whimsical style and vision transpire into loud, yet subtle pieces showcasing his talents in different ways.  

McGovney has an infectious passion and fervor for his art, which is encapsulated by this quote:

'OMG, this is my 40th year of making art. Thanks for letting me do what I do.'


         Steven McGovney